End of an Era

Ever since I first started making the trip to the upper Rogue for spring salmon, I always stopped in at Pat’s Hand Tied Flies to look at recent pictures, talk a bit of fishing, and grab a snack for the day. However, soon anglers will be forced to stop in Medford to get their needed supplies, as an end of an era is coming on the upper Rogue.

Anglers always stopped for a Polariod picture
of their day’s success

It’s been 45 years since Pat’s Hand Tied Flies opened its doors along Hwy 62 on the upper Rogue. Since then it’s become a one stop shop for anglers looking for recent reports, and last minute supplies. It’s also THE place to stop and get your picture taken if you were lucky enough to land a big springer. Anglers also looked forward to the annual springer derby, and vied for that top spot, which often took catching a 45+ lb salmon.

That will all become a distant memory soon, as Pat’s will have to close their doors due to a myriad of events that have taken a financial toll.

It all started with the infamous bait ban for summer steelhead during September and October. Then in 2004 the ODFW closed angling after 7 pm above the Hwy 62 bridge for springers. The spring salmon run took a big dive in numbers starting in 2006, which caused a closure on the retention of native salmon. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also been in a recession, and gas prices have skyrocketed since then.

All of these factors, plus the opening of big box stores in Medford, have put a huge damper on business at Pat’s Hand Tied Flies. It was a snow ball effect of less people driving to the upper Rogue to fish, and less people needing to stop in at the store, that has ultimately lead to their demise.

How long the store will remain open will depend on how fast they sell off the rest of their inventory. They’re currently having a 20% off sale to get rid of the rest of it, and expect to close in about a month. You’ll want to make the trip soon if you want to talk fishing one more time at Pat’s Hand Tied Flies.

So here’s to the end of an era, and the end of many great memories. You guys sure will be missed…

If you have a memory you’d like to share about them please post it below.

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5 thoughts on “End of an Era

  1. Wow that sucks! I learned how to fish on the upper Rogue for salmon and steelhead and caught both my first of each up there. Pat’s was always a stop along the way and after fishing. I had many a photo taken there including those first fish. This is a real bummer…

  2. It’s a shame so many fly shops are falling to the current financial times. On top of that, most of the big box stores do not carry anything that will be of help locally.


  3. Bummer! Moved to Southern Oregon (1995)and the following day was my first stop at the shop. God, that was 16’ish years ago!

  4. Never been there, but, lament this sad tale of hardworking small business tackle and fly shop owners around the country who are closing the doors. So sad to here. The Big Box guys will never provide service, quality, and overall knowledge that these small shops provide. The all mighty dollar wins again!

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