Fishing with Confidence

Everyonce in awhile it’s nice to know that what I’m writing isn’t just a bunch of bullshit. In my latest weekly fishing report I mentioned that your best bet for the weekend was your home water. Having the confidence in where you’re fishing is often times much more important than chasing after the “hot bite”. My buddy Phil Tripp and I decided to put that to the test yesterday, and hit the upper Rogue instead of going down below Grants Pass.

There wasn’t much of a story for our trip. The weather started out winter like with everything being frozen when we put in. Luckily it didn’t take long for the sun to come out, and we got a taste of the early spring that seems to be upon us. However, by the time we took out it was back to freezing, and the rain had just begun.

The fishing was mostly a repeat through out the day. Put the plugs out in a fishy spot, wait for the rod to start pounding down, and congratulate each other with a Fish On! or sulk with a Fish Off! So instead of boring you with a repeating story, I’ll let the pictures tell the story this time…

The sun peaked out from behind the hills and produced the first fish of the day.
Releasing her to continue on her journey.
Another clean release of a colored up summer hen.
Anticipating the pound down.
Thinking he’s bigger than he really is.
A summer kelt heading back to the big blue.
Hoping to see her next year.
Finally found that winter steelie we were chasing.
Another shot of winter chrome
Double digit winter hen.
Making sure she has the chance to pass on the big genes.

You couldn’t ask for a much better day than that. We avoided the Grants Pass crowds, fished with confidence, and put fish in the boat as a result. Final tally for the day was 5 summer and 2 winter steelhead to the boat, and 4 solid take downs that didn’t stick. All the credit goes to Phil, who did an amazing job behind the sticks and putting us on the fish.

The next time you’re undecided about where to go, just remember that confidence is often the biggest factor in making a day be successful. You don’t have to follow the crowds, and chase the hot bite reports, to bring plenty of fish to hand.

Tight Lines….

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  1. Awesome shots! Would you be interested in doing a Guest Post on OJDC about steelhead fishing? One day I want to make it up north to give that and ice fishing a shot. 🙂

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