Head High for Winter Steelhead

The storms that moved through this week have left us with extremely high, and muddy rivers. However, it’s not all doom and gloom for Rogue Valley anglers wanting to chase winter steelhead. You’ll just have to head a little higher in the system to find that perfect water.

One of the few winter steelhead guide Charlie “Steelhead”
Brown found today on the Upper Rogue

Flows are hovering right around 3400cfs out of Lost Creek Dam, which makes for perfect conditions from there down to Casey State Park. Big Butte Creek was also in decent enough shape to make the trip down to Rogue Elk fishable, but very high. Elk Creek was still pumping out brown water, so you’ll have to wait another day or two to fish all the way down to Shady Cove.

Luckily for anglers the high water has the steelhead on the move. In the last week the hatchery has received 335 winter fish bringing the total up over 900 for the year. The trap was also pretty full today.

With the fish on the move there was a decent bite above the Hwy 62 bridge today. Both boats sitting on plugs, and the bankies at the hatchery found a few fish. Everything from roe to Little Cleo’s to plugs was working, you just had to put it in front of a fish.

Look for things to continue to improve. Winter steelhead fishing generally peaks in April on the Upper Rogue, so there’s still plenty of time and fish to be caught.

Tight Lines….

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