Trout’n at the Expo

Last week the Expo Ponds received a big stocking of trout, marking the start of the 2012 trout season. The Expo Ponds provide an excellent, close to home fishery for Rogue Valley anglers, that are also a great place to take kids and the whole family. These trout may not be the biggest fish around these parts, but can definitely provide some fun rod bending action, especially on ultra-light gear.

This past Saturday and Monday I chased my own report from there. Both ponds near entry gate #5 received trout, but the one that runs along the access road received the majority. That’s where I headed Saturday with my float tube, to see how well they were on the bite.

It didn’t take long to get into the action. Tossing my all silver Panther Martin spinner I quickly found the school of trout. I then switched over to an XFactor Tackle Miracle Worm under a bobber, and it was game on for the rest of the day. Besides all the trout brought to hand, I also found that the crappie were on the bite already, with all the warm weather we had been having.

The water wasn’t too cold to entice a few crappie with a natural colored Miracle Worm from XFactor Tackle

On Monday I was able to get off work early, so I headed back out there. This time I decided to stick to the bank, as I discovered that my waders have a small hole in them on Saturday. It was mostly a repeat of the previous day. Lot’s of bites and plenty of trout brought to hand on the Miracle Worms.

The trout couldn’t resist both “Hot Red” & natural colored Miracle Worms

If you’re wanting to get out and do a little catching yourself, or get the kids into a few fish here’s a few tips for the Expo Ponds…

  • Move Around – The trout tend to move around in schools for the first few weeks. Cast around often, and if you haven’t gotten bites after 30 minutes move to a different spot. Once you start catching fish stay in the same spot, as even if the bite turns off they’ll be back.
  • Bobbers Are Your Friend – These stocked trout have grown up being fed from the surface, making them key into the top of the water column. Present your offering 2-3 ft below a bobber to stay in this zone.
  • Bring These 3 Things – Small, all silver spinners, XFactor Tackle Miracle Worms in either natural, red or pink, and rainbow or chartreuse PowerBait. Use the spinners to find the fish, and then switch over to either Miracle Worms or PowerBait.
  • Closer is Better – So far this year the trout have been cruising close to shore. The large majority of my fish have been caught from 5-25ft off the bank. You don’t want to win the casting distance contest right now.

I’ve also been getting quite a few requests for how I’m rigging up. I use the same setup for both Miracle Worms and PowerBait. I use 4lb mainline and tie a 1/32 jig head directly to my mainline. Then 2 1/2 ft up I clip on a small bobber. For the Miracle Worms, pierce them onto the hook right in the middle of the worm “Wacky Style”. For PowerBait, use just enough to cover the hook, but not the jig head. You want it to sink.

The full Miracle Worm setup
A close-up of the Miracle Worm setup

Once you’re rigged up just cast it out there, and let the waves give it action. I also like to reel in a few feet every couple of minutes to give it a little more action, and to try and find how far out the trout are.

That’s all there is to it for trout’n at the Expo Ponds.

Tight Lines….

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