Breaking in the New Boat

Until this last year I’ve mostly been bank bound when it came to fishing. I took the very occasional boat trip down the river, but they were always few and far between. Things have changed quite a bit this year though. I’ve made a few new fishing buddies, and now I find myself riding down the rapids and staring at a plug rod more often than not.

One of my bank bound buddies recently took the big leap into buying a boat, so it was time to teach ourselves the ins and outs. There won’t be many more free rides of sitting up front, and dazing off into nothingness, until the violently shaking rod brought you back to reality. This past Wednesday was the day we chose to get our feet wet, and break in the new boat.

We’re both pretty sick when it comes to our fishing addiction. Being first to the hole is nothing new to us, and we weren’t about to let our lack of rowing experience get in the way. A quick, unrecommended, float down the river in the dark, got us there about an hour before another soul ever ventured along. Our plan for the high water was to sit on anchor, and let the fish come to us. The other part of it was to break in the new boat the only way we saw fit…Plenty of fish slime and blood.

The adventurous row in the dark, ended up paying off quite well. There was plenty of slime and blood all over the boat by the end of the day, and we thoroughly enjoyed not having to be bank bound anymore. You’ll still see the occosional bankie story and reports, but look for things to change quite a bit around here.

And now without further adieu, here’s exactly how we like to break in a new boat on Southern Oregon Fishing…

A nice chromer for Jeff’s first fish in his new boat
2-2 on the Mag Lips 3.5, and 0-1 on an XFactor Tackle egg cluster under a bobber.
We payed homage to our bankie ways after the quick float, and picked up a third before we called it a day.

Tight Lines….

XFactor Tackle

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