Hot Hand

Every once in awhile a day just seems to go your way. You’ve got the hot hand. You’re hooking fish while no body else is, even though you’re standing two feet away from them, and using the exact same setup.

Yesterday was my day…

I was fishing with my buddies Phil Tripp, and Charlie “Steelhead” Brown of Fishing The Rogue Guide Service. The morning started off with a few unintentional detours, and a little bit of a late start, but it didn’t take long to get things rolling. A half hour into the morning, and I’d already brought two fish to the boat.

Wake up call!
Charlie wanted to be part of the photo op with the second steelie.

An hour later and it was still my turn…

The Mag Lips 3.5 has been killer.

By 8:15 we had 3 winter steelhead to the boat, and hadn’t even left the first hole. In this particular hole 80%+ of the strikes come on the left hand side of the boat which runs closest to the ledge. Even with Charlie sneaking into the seat on the “good side”, I still had the hot hand being on the “wrong side”. It’s funny how it works out that way some days.

I managed to keep the streak alive hooking our fourth and final fish a little later in the day…

A nice keeper hen to round out a great day on the river.

If you’re thinking the river is too high right now to fish, you may want to reconsider. The upper Rogue is fishing very well the last few days with both boats and bankies finding plenty of steelhead. You’ll definitely want to head up towards the hatchery until they cut the outflows back, but even today it was fishable down to Rogue Elk. April is the peak month so don’t wait around to get out.

If you’re looking for a guide I highly recommend booking a trip with Charlie “Steelhead” Brown. He may not have been able to hook one for himself today, but he’ll definitely make sure you do, and also make sure you have an enjoyable day while doing it. You can find him over on his website –

Tight Lines….

XFactor Tackle

2 thoughts on “Hot Hand

  1. Michael – Check out the Fishing Resources page up at the top. It has the two sites I use for river flows.

    For flows out of Lost Creek I use this site:

    There isn’t a site for what the outflows are going to do, but after awhile of watching it you can tell what they’re going to do by the weather. They also send out planned flows to the ODFW which every once in awhile I get my hands on.

  2. Hey Steven! Thanks for the great fishing blog. I really appreciate all the fishing reports. Could you share what website you use for your Rogue river flow information? Is there a site that shows the daily outflows planned for the Rogue or do the Army corps guys not reveal this? I’m new to fishing the Rogue and trying to get a handle on this constantly changing river.

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