Nothing But Bucks

The upper Rogue continues to produce plenty of winter steelhead, and on Saturday I had another opportunity to chase after them. Guides Charlie “Steelhead” Brown and Brady Rogers had an open seat on their day off, and I couldn’t pass it up with all the good reports. The day started off slow, but things finally got rolling for us a little after 7.

Being a Saturday, there were quite a few more boats out. Most were side-drifting, but it definitely seemed to be a plug bite kind of day. Even with multiple boats working the holes, we were able to slide in a couple of times and pick fish up right between them. The new Mag Lips 3.5 was the hot ticket once again, and is quickly becoming our go-to plug.

The girls didn’t want to come out and play, so it ended up being a guys day on the river. The double stripe bucks were displaying some awesome colors though, and put up some great fights.

Now for the video, and a couple of pictures…

A nice double striped buck started off the morning with a great fight.
After Charlie picked one up it was my turn again.
As seen in the video – Brady releasing the last fish of the day.

Tight Lines….

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