Spring(ers) Have Sprung

The high water has finally started to subside, and it’s got the springers on the move. Springers are now spread through out the entire Rogue system, and fish are being caught on both the Rogue and Umpqua.

The run has been a bit late this year, but things finally look to be taking off in the lower rivers. Limits have started to be reported from both boats and the bank below Agness on the Rogue. The Umpqua is picking up as well around the Scottsburg area. It seems as though the large predicted returns are definitely on their way.

The Big K Ranch on the Umpqua has been catching a few springers the last couple of days.

Even with things just getting started in the lower river, a few have already made it to the hatchery on the Rogue. The first springers showed up in the trap this week, and rumors of a few being caught have surfaced as well. They still won’t really be worth targeting for another month, but could provide a surprise for those fishing for winter steelhead.

Things can only get better from here on out. The Rogue is still below 50 degrees, so the run hasn’t even hit full swing yet. Peak migration usually occurs once it hits 51 degrees.Once we get into May it will be time to start bringing your own rock to stand on.

Let the mayhem begin…

Tight Lines….

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