Diamond Lake Memorial Day Weekend

Diamond Lake not only offers amazing fishing, but also some amazing views

There’s only one time of year that the trout in Diamond Lake ignore the offering of “Trout Crack”, and we just so happened to time our trip right smack dab in the middle of it. If we had been there a couple of days earlier or later, non-stop action would have been the name of the game. Instead we had to have luck on our side to catch the few we did find.

Since the restoration of Diamond Lake back in 2006 it has become one of Oregon’s premier trout fisheries. Catching 50-100 trout in a day is commonplace during the spring and fall, and as a result it is the only lake in Oregon with an 8 fish a day limit.

Recent reports had the lake living up to the hype, and even as recently as Saturday my friends were calling me with reports of catching 100 fish per boat. With that kind of action, my fiance Jacque and I, decided to switch up our Memorial Day weekend plans, and head to the high mountain lake. Arriving Sunday afternoon we surprisingly found a rather empty campground and setup camp for the night. With everything setup, we had a couple of hours to kill, so we tried our luck out on the lake.

The lake is still fairly cold, so we stayed in close to shore in water that was between 15 and 20 feet deep. Our bait of choice was “trout crack” aka PowerBait, and it didn’t take long for the action to begin. We were getting bite after bite, but just couldn’t connect with most of them. By the end of the evening we managed to only catch a half dozen fish, but easily missed three times that many. They were biting fairly well, but it was an extremely lite bite and we just couldn’t get solid hooksets.

It also wasn’t surprising that Jacque ended up outfishing me, and caught the largest fish of the night. It wasn’t one of the monsters that Diamond Lake can produce, but was a respectable 18 incher.

Jacque with the big catch of Sunday night.

The next morning my buddy Eric and his girlfriend met us for an early morning start. Within seconds of anchoring up we started getting bit, and it didn’t take long for the first fish to hit the floor of the boat. Little did we know that was the best action we would receive all day.

When Jacque and I arrived Sunday there was a midge hatch that was just starting. By mid-morning on Monday that hatch was full blown and the fishing took a nose dive because of it. We got fairly lucky compared to most boats that day, and scratched out a dozen trout before we gave up around noon. Of the trout we did catch everyone of them was almost exploding from eating so many of the midges. On land the hatch was so bad that they completely blanketed the cars, and sounded like a helicopter hovering over head.

Once again the girls outfished the guys, and this 18 incher was the largest of Monday’s catch

We couldn’t have timed the trip any worse. For only a couple of days a year these Diamond Lake trout will ignore the “trout crack” and we hit it right in the middle of that time. The hatch will only last a couple of days though, and then things will be right back to normal.

If you’re wanting to head to Diamond Lake, this weekend should be great, and the trout will be even fatter thanks to the huge hatch that gave us fits. Fish in water that’s 15-20 feet deep with PowerBait on the bottom. You’ll typically want your leader to be around 24 inches long, but going longer won’t hurt, especially if you find yourself in a weed bed. Fly fishing, and trolling can also be effective if sitting on anchor isn’t your thing.

Tight Lines….

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6 thoughts on “Diamond Lake Memorial Day Weekend

  1. awesome fish!! looks like a good time…ive yet to make a trip to diamond for some reason..ill have to make a trip down there before the gas prices get even higher!!! haha. looks a like a great place for a fly rod and float tube.

  2. Same thing happend to us thru the weekend. only landed 10 fish from saturday evening to monday. I got lucky and landed a 21 inch trout but they just werent bitting because of the bug hatch.

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