Southern Oregon Fishing Report – June 28th

It’s still not looking like the typical late June outside, but the fish aren’t caring too much. The bite around the valley hasn’t been great, but it has at least remained steady enough for anglers to find a few fish every day. If the cooler than normal weather persists we could see the fishing remain good much later into the year than normal.

Salmon & Steelhead

Upper Rogue – Beginning July 1st anglers will be able to keep wild salmon below Dodge Bridge, however, above that, harvest will still be restricted. Anglers are finding springers spread out from the hatchery to Tou Velle State Park, as the hatchery continues to recycle more fish. The best bite is still coming to those using roe, but plug fishing has been picking up. For those wanting to fish plugs, k15’s wrapped with sardines have been best. Summer steelhead have also made a good push into the upper river. These fish are typically very aggressive, so fishing spoons, spinners, or plugs are a great way to target them. As of June 25th 213 summer steelhead and 5,282 springers have reached the collection pond at the hatchery. Over 3,000 of those springers have been recycled back down to Gold Hill.

Guide Brady Rogers Rogue Springer
Beginning Sunday wild fish like this one by guide Brady Rogers will be able to be kept below Dodge Bridge.

Middle Rogue – Fishing for springers and summer steelhead hasn’t been great on the middle section of the Rogue, however, there are fish swimming through. Back bouncing or pulling large plugs has been working for salmon, while spinners, spoons, and small plugs have been working for the steelhead. Most of the action will be in the Gold Hill area, but below Grants Pass should also be producing a few fish.

Lower Rogue – The cool temperatures have kept the fish biting on the lower 8 miles of the Rogue. Most boats are finding 1-3 fish a day with some very large salmon in the mix. If temperatures start to heat up, anglers will want to move down into the bay, but if they remain cool, the action will stay just up river. Plain Rogue Bait Rigs, or spinners have been outproducing anchovies.

Jot's 44lb Rogue Salmon
This 44.5lbs salmon was weighed in at Jot’s Resort this week.


Diamond Lake –The trout still haven’t come on the bite in full force like Diamond Lake anglers are used to for this time of year. Most boats are struggling to find limits, compared to the 50+ fish days that are more typical. Those having the most luck currently are either still fishing on the South end, or trolling with small bits of night crawlers or wooly bugger flies. If the weather will stabilize the fishing should pick up.

Tight Lines….

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