Redemption was driving me to get back out to the river, and I wasn’t going to let the lightning or rain stop me. I only had about an hour of fishing time last night, but figured it would give me a decent shot at getting back at the summer steelhead that broke my pole last week (Better Days). It turned out that I only needed 25 minutes.

Right away I hooked up, but the hook set wasn’t solid, and the spinner came flying back. Feeling a bit dejected, I pushed through the wind and rain, and continued to work my way down the hole. With such limited time I thought I’d blown my only chance for redemption.

As I was starting to near the bottom of the hole, I was retrieving my spinner when it went completely solid. In less than two feet of water and right next to the bank, the fish hit and the fight was on. I could tell it was a bigger fish, and being so close to the tail out, I was worried the noodle rod wouldn’t have the power to coral the fish. The Float Pro performed flawlessly though, and 5 minutes later I slid some dusky chrome onto the bank.

Wright & McGill Float Pro
10’6″ of Bendo!

It wasn’t the summer steelhead I was after, but I sure can’t complain…

Late Upper Rogue Springer on a spinner
Can you tell what color of spinner is my favorite?
Upper Rogue springer on Wright & McGill rod

I set out looking for redemption, and I found it. Now I can sleep a little easier at night, and continue the chase for summer chrome.

Tight Lines….

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