Rogue Bay Salmon Still Hit and Miss

This year’s fall king run is expected to be quite large up and down the coast. Catches have been amazing out in the ocean and this past Friday the Rogue Bay in Gold Beach turned on as well. However, the light switch turned right back off and the weekend saw pretty dismal results. There seems to be plenty of salmon in the bay, but for whatever reason they just aren’t biting.

Yesterday Jeff and I took our chances at the hit and miss fishery. Reports from Sunday were absolutely horrible, with only a small handful of fish being caught between all of the boats. We were hoping that the light switch would turn back on for us.

The bite has been in the afternoon all year thus far, so we got a late start with our guide Bruce Craviotto the Salmon Specialist. After putting in at 10am the light switch finally turned on around noon. The bites were sporadic, but there was definitely more action than the previous day. Our first two bites of the day came on the same pass, however, the hooks just didn’t stick.

Then, as “Murphy’s Law” would dictate, we all got caught daydreaming, when the third bite of the day happened a few passes later. If it weren’t for the screaming clicker on the reel, we may have never noticed the fish on my line.

Lower Rogue Fall King with guide Bruce Craviotto
First fall king of the year is 28lbs of chrome.

Just as the light switch had turned the bite on for the day, it turned right back off shortly after we landed my king. The bite lasted all of three hours, and in that time there were about 20 salmon caught by 60+ boats. Rogue Bait Rigs with an anchovy and various colors of spinners were producing the best. It definitely was still on the slow side, even though it was better than Sunday. We felt very fortunate that Bruce was able to put us on three bites for the day with one in the box. Only one or two boats were able to do better.

On the upside, there were a lot of fish rolling all over the bay, indicating that there are plenty of fish milling around. With the hot temperatures in the valley, the fish will be holding in the bay, and are liable to really turn on any day now. If you’re planning on heading over the hill, you’ll just have to hope that the light switch turns on for you.

Tight Lines….

Lower Rogue Guide Bruce Craviotto
If you’re looking for a guide on the Rogue Bay we highly recommend Bruce Craviotto aka The Salmon Specialist. He not only is a great fisherman, but also makes the day of fishing very enjoyable. He’ll work extremely hard to put you on fish and make sure you have a good day doing it. Visit his website or give him a call at (541)913-3759 to book a trip.

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