Summer Steelhead Still Going Strong

This mid-August heat sure isn’t the ideal condition to be out fishing in, but the summer steelhead aren’t really caring. Catches have been outstanding this weekend thanks to the strong early run, and the hatchery recycling the large majority of them. Even with late starts, and the sun beating down on the water, we were able to bring plenty of summer runs to the boat the past two days. Here’s a look at just how good it’s been…

Summer steelhead number 1 August 12th
My dad starting Saturday off right.
summer steelhead number 2 Aug. 11th
Didn’t take long for another one.

Summer Steelhead number 3 August 11th

Jumping Rogue summer steelhead

Rogue summer steelhead number 5 August 11th

Rogue summer steelhead number 6 August 11th

Rogue summer steelhead number 2 August 12th
Sunday was Phil’s turn.

Rogue summer steelhead jumping number 1 August 12th

Rogue summer steelhead number 3 August 12th

Summer Steelhead Takedown

Rogue summer steelhead number 6 August 12th

If you’re wanting to get in on the action there’s a few things you can do to help yourself out.

  • Fish early
  • Fish late
  • Fish the shaded areas

Those three things alone with help bring more fish to hand until things start to cool down.

Tight Lines….

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