Summer Steelheading (Video)

The video is from down here on the Rogue this past weekend, and you may remember the pictures from this post: Summer Steelhead Still Going Strong. We got into a pretty good bite both Saturday and Sunday despite not starting tell 9am both days, and being behind a lot of boats. There could have been a lot better shots, but unfortunately due to operator error and shaky hands some of the best takedowns and acrobatics were missed.

Hope you enjoy.

Tight Lines….

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2 thoughts on “Summer Steelheading (Video)

  1. Great Video – i have to ask “What is your presention here?” cant see it in the footage. Ty
    Robert in “Gold Beach”

    1. We’re flat-lining small plugs about 40 feet behind the boat, and just slowly working them down through the holes.

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