Chrome Sick

For some people, fishing has become more than just a hobby. It’s turned into an obsession, and addiction that consumes our lives. However, for some it’s even more than that. It’s a sickness with no cure. The virus is in our blood, and makes us do things that even those who are addicted would consider asinine. That sickness is what made us pursue the first fish of 2013, when most others were sitting in the warmth and comfort of home this past Wednesday and Thursday.

It was one of those trips where you don’t look at the weather report. You already know the weather isn’t going to be favorable, so you avoid it to not scare yourself out of the first trip of the year. All you care about is whether or not the river will be in decent enough shape to have a chance at a fish. When that looks favorable, you throw the rods in the truck, hook up the boat, and make the drive to get your next fix. Then you endure what ever mother nature throws your way.

 Winter Steelhead Snow on the Umpqua

Rowing in the snow on the Umpqua

Bobber Fishing in the snow on the Umpqua River

Umpqua winter steelhead

Chrome Seeker Custom Rod winter steelhead

2 days and 15 hours of being on the water in freezing rain, wind, and blizzard like conditions….

The one takedown, and one piece of chrome made it all worth it.

Tight Lines….

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