Diamond Lake Ice Fishing

With the removal of Tui Chubs from Diamond Lake in 2006, it quickly became one of Oregon’s premiere trout fisheries. However, it has also faced a problem not often heard of. The fast, large growing trout it has become famous for, are becoming too abundant, and could actually hurt the health of the lake if left unchecked. To combat the problem, the ODFW raised the limit to 8 trout, and this year also opened it to year round fishing.

While it’s not the only high mountain lake open year round for Southern Oregon anglers, it’s the only one with a reputation for huge numbers and huge fish. Fish Lake and Lake of the Woods both have offered ice fishing opportunities, but anglers have never shown much interest in them. When Diamond Lake opened on January 1st, ice fishing suddenly became the thing to go try out.

24 inch Rainbow caught ice fishing Diamond Lake
Craig Myers caught this 24 inch rainbow on the South end of Diamond Lake in 5 feet of water. He was using a pink & white jig. (Photo by: Diamond Lake Resort)

The fishing hasn’t been anything stellar since Diamond Lake first opened for ice fishing, but there’s enough fish to make it worth the drive and experience. The resort has been reporting about 1 fish every 2 hours per rod. With a group of friends and a two-rod endorsement, you could easily leave with a full stringer of fat trout.

The majority of anglers have been fishing right out front of the resort in water about 20 feet deep. However, those fishing the shallow water on the south end of the lake are also finding fish.

The go-to baits have been everything from dough baits such as Pautzke FireBait, to night crawlers, to straight jigs. If using jigs, white has always been one of the top colors at Diamond Lake through the ice.

If you’re wanting to try out the new ice fishing at Diamond Lake be sure to give the resort a call (541-793-3333) ahead of time for the latest ice conditions. You can also keep up on the latest conditions through their Facebook Page: Diamond Lake Resort. They also rent ice augers if you’ll need a way to cut through the ice.

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