April Springer Madness

Update: Now that it’s the 2nd – Yes the “Too good to be true” report was an April Fools joke. Please don’t go chasing the report.

This morning I received a report that sounds all most too good to be true. We just started April, and already the springer madness has begun on the Upper Rogue with multiple limits being taken.

It’s normally the time of year for winter steelhead fishing to be on fire in the upper stretch, but low conditions have kept them bunched up in the Middle Rogue. Those same conditions have caused the springers to have lock jaw in the lower river and shoot up to the hatchery as fast as they can.

Yesterday Dom Ethans and friends ventured to the Hatchery Hole on the Rogue just hoping to hook into one of the few winter steelhead that have ventured up so far this year. Instead they found a much larger version of the chrome they were after. “They were everywhere in the hole. Everyone always says how the springers don’t bite in the upper river, but they were just hammering any eggs we threw out there” reported Dom. “We lost a lot of fish on the light steelhead gear, but we were able to land enough to take home a limit each.”

April Fools Rogue springer limit

March limits of springers are a rarity even in the lower river, so to see them in the upper river already is hopefully a sign of good things to come. If this pace keeps up, we could easily see a record return to the Rogue this year.

With the rain last night, things could switch back to winter steelhead though. The rising river will make the steelhead shoot up river, and the springers hold up more downstream. Springer fishing could be great on the lower Rogue when it starts to drop.

Hopefully the springer madness on the Upper Rogue lasts past April 1st.

Tight Lines….

9 thoughts on “April Springer Madness

  1. As of march 29 there are no chinook in the Hatchery yet. Its a 1800 #, and also gives the flows from LostCrk. Might be useful for you Klamath guys and gals before you jump the gun. I got a good laugh when the article said water was to low for Steelhead but great for salmon. I knew something was up at that statement and other clues in the article. If something sounds to to be true it probably is.

  2. That’s such a shame. You post fishing reports on your site and then bash the people that use them. We also love in Klamath and don’t have the time or money to ” be there yesterday ” as you put it. I feel for the gentleman above as we were ecstatic as well but. Good to know we can’t take your word serious. I understand the home but

    1. The joke but it should have been declared a joke.. I would have past that along to all my friends but I’m disappointed in the credibility of the reports

      1. Kate – Something posted on April Fools day that starts off by saying “a report that sounds almost too good to be true” should probably be taken as just that. It was also pointed out on one of the first comments on here, as well as on Facebook that it is just a joke. If you also look at the bottom of the post it is tagged as April Fools. I left plenty of hints for those that took the time to read the entire thing.

        Reports are also always past tense. If you’re going to where a report was from yesterday, you’re probably going to miss the fish. They’re constantly moving in a river system, and reports are just another tool to try and figure out where they’ll be tomorrow.

        You can always count on the credibility of my reports, at least until next April. I also always try and give some helpful information on how the fishing will be down the road which is far more useful than yesterday’s report.

  3. What a sick joke, just drove an 2 hour drive from Klamath Falls to have a hatchery worker tell me that you guys are smoking crack! Won’t have to worry about this fisherman listening to your reports anymore! Sick azz joke if ya ask me, one thing to joke around about other things, but Salmon fishing is serious business!!!!

    1. There’s a good saying for those who chase reports… “You should have been here yesterday”

    1. I’m glad someone noticed the bad photo. Although it is 100% legit, just not quite from March 31st. I only blurred the background.

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