Learning New Water

Here in the Rogue Valley we’re blessed to have so many fishing opportunities within a very short drive. The Rogue runs right through our back yard, while the Applegate, South Umpqua, and Klamath Rivers are all within an hour drive. Sometimes it becomes hard to want to leave the comforts of home, when there is so much great salmon and steelhead fishing so close. However, this past week we decided to go out of our comfort zone and explore some new water to the north.

Between the long drive and floating 19 miles of river, it was an extremely long day. It was made well worth it though, by being able to see some amazing country and finding a few fish a long the way. With such a long float the name of the game was side drifting, and we found that the steelhead were munching eggs cured in Pautzke’s orange BorX O Fire that day.

First cast Winter Steelhead
First cast of the day.
Big Umpqua hatchery steelhead
Hooked up with a big hatchery fish.
14lb North Umpqua Winter steelhead
35 inch hatchery keeper
Down river winter steelhead
One of many downers from the day
Winter steelhead on Pautzke's BorX O Fire eggs
They loved the orange BorX O Fire eggs
Umpqua Winter steelhead
Steve from Pavati Boats showing off another one of our fish.
Bobber and bead winter steelhead
The only fish of the day that didn’t fall to eggs
Last winter steelhead of the day
Last fish in the last hole of the day

You couldn’t have asked for a better day when learning new water. We found a few nice winter steelhead, and plenty of down river fish to keep the action lively all day. Maybe one day we’ll venture out of our bubble and return.

Tight Lines….

4 thoughts on “Learning New Water

  1. Sorry ’bout that, I just kinda jumped in with both feet. Over in my neck of the woods (G.P.)we have the middle Rogue, the Applegate, the Illinois, the Cal. Smith is an hour away and the Chetco just another half hour after that. I am so blessed to live in this kind of fishy country.
    I have to pull myself back to what is in front of me, you know ,…real life…… but right now I keep thinking about Springer fishing. I need to find someplace here in G.P. where I can hook up. It has to be possible. Savage rapids went away, that took care of that, …..that’s what I hear. I think people come to expect what they have heard and quit looking, quit trying, and get what they expect.
    Steven ,…this is a good site, the info is solid and usefull. Thanks
    “People say fishing is about patience, but more so,it is about perseverence.”

    1. Thanks Gene. If you’re looking for springers down around GP I’d fish for them just like they do in Gold Beach. Plunk a Rogue Bait Rig with an anchovy in a travel lane, and wait for that rod to go off. I’ve never ventured down that way for springers, but have heard that there’s some hog lines around the Indian Mary area. They gotta come through that stretch.

  2. Thanks for the update, I sure would like to see alittle more info…..where you put in and took out……what kind of water you found fish in……
    I always enjoy your posts, thanks Steven and S.O.F. !

    1. Gene – Normally I have no problem sharing what stretch of river we were on, but out of respect for those who shared the hot bite report and showed us the way, I decided to keep the river unnamed in this report.

      We found fish just about everywhere. From the deeper pools to the typical 6ft riffly steelhead water. There were a lot of eager fish that day.

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