Winter Steel 2013

Now that it’s officially May it’s time to put away the winter steelhead gear, and break out all of the salmon stuff. Looking back on this year’s winter steelhead run, it definitely had it’s up and downs. We ventured north to the Umpqua a lot more than we stayed around home due to lack of fish in the Rogue. We were also banking on the month of April, which is usually prime time on the Upper Rogue, for most of our action. However, with no rain in March or April it left conditions extremely tough, and the fish just never showed up.

Although there was a lack of fish they definitely made up for it in size.  We didn’t land any true monsters, but others around the region sure did. There were plenty of 20+ pound steelhead landed, and you could almost expect to at least hook up with a fish in the mid-teens each time out. This year we also caught most of our fish side drifting, with eggs cured in Pautzke’s orange BorX O Fire the hot bait of the year.

Now here’s a look back on some of the highlights of the year…

Tight Lines….

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Winter Steelhead

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