Rogue River Springer Update

2013 has been a bit of a weird year for springer fishing on the Rogue. We’ve had an extremely dry spring which has left the Army Corps of Engineers dealing with the effects of low inflows into Lost Creek Reservoir. When temperatures have reached the 90’s they’ve had to bump flows up to combat high temperatures, which could cause a disease breakout. On the opposite side, they’ve also had to decrease flows when the temperatures drop to conserve as much water as possible in the reservoir. This has lead to very hit and miss fishing on the changes, with more consistent action when things have held steady for a few days.

Most boats have been averaging two chances a day with the occasional 4+ fish day, and the occasional skunking. Both back bouncing eggs and running kwikfish have been producing springers, it all just depends on the day. We’ve personally been having our best luck back bouncing eggs cured with Pautzke’s Fire Cure. Most of the boat traffic is concentrated between Casey State Park, and Shady Cove, but the last couple of days have seen improved fishing between Shady Cove and Takelma Park. As of June 11th there have been 4,323 springers enter the hatchery collection pond. That’s up from about 3500 on the 2nd.

While most boats aren’t having too hard of a time finding at least one fish, it’s finding a keeper that’s been the challenge. Currently on the Upper Rogue all wild fish must be released, so only the hatchery salmon can hit the BBQ. Catch rates seem to be about 5-7 wild springers per hatchery keeper. That makes for some fun catch and release fishing, but it’s difficult to take home the best tasting salmon there is.

We have a chance of showers in the forecast tomorrow, followed by temperatures jumping back up towards 90 degrees for the weekend. That could possibly make for a decent bite this weekend, but it’s always hard to say with springers.

Now for a bit of fish porn of some of our catches from the past two weeks…

Big Upper Rogue wild springer

Under water release shot of a Rogue River springer

Chrome Rogue River springer

Springer caught back bouncing on the upper Rogue

Rogue River hatchery springer

Wild springer from the upper Rogue

Back bounced wild Rogue springer

Tight Lines….

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