Fall Kings Showing Up

With huge numbers of fall kings predicted to return both to the south of us on the Klamath and Sacramento, and to the north on the Columbia, our Southern Oregon rivers are expecting good returns as well. So far this year those predictions are shaping up to be right on the money.

The Rogue and Umpqua both receive early runs of fall kings. With lower river temperatures currently averaging around 75 degrees, the salmon won’t move up into the river. Instead they will stay in the cooler salt water in the bays. With the fish stacking up, there have been some great days both in Gold Beach and in Winchester Bay. When the bite has turned on it hasn’t been uncommon for 5 boats to hook up almost simultaneously.

Rogue Bay Fall kings
Eric Stroh holding a limit of fall kings from the Rogue Bay caught last week.

In Gold Beach, on the Rogue, most anglers are using the standard Rogue Bait Rig with an anchovy. All green blades are the most popular, but green and gold combinations or all gold are also productive. Straight spinners can also sometimes out fish the bait rigs. In Winchester bay trolling whole or cut plug herring has been the ticket.

This years fish also seem to be running on the large size. 30 pounders have been extremely common, with a few larger fish pushing up to 47 pounds being caught.

Look for things to continue to be good and possibly even improve, as early August is normally the prime time in the bays. Only a cold weather streak could really turn off the bite, as it would allow the salmon to start moving up river.

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