Rogue Springers Are Here!

The weather is warming up and so is the springer fishing throughout the Rogue River. Thanks to low, warm flows throughout April, and the removal of Savage Rapids and Gold Ray dams, the springers have shot to the very top of the Rogue. It’s still very early in the season, but all signs are pointing to a great return this year.

Upper Rogue– Last Wednesday the springer bite finally turned on for anglers fishing the very top of the Upper Rogue, while the winter steelhead season has pretty much wrapped up. There have still been a few fresh winter steelhead caught, but most anglers have switched over to targeting spring salmon. Guides have been averaging about one springer a day per boat. While those numbers aren’t spectacular, we don’t typically see that good of fishing during April. On a normal year springer fishing becomes consistent around the second week of May, but this year things have turned on early. Eggs have been out producing plugs, and both back bouncing and divers have been working. A large percentage of the early fish have been hatchery keepers. As of April 22nd, 17 springers and 3,049 winter steelhead had entered the hatchery collection pond. Anglers are reminded that above the HWY 62 bridge legal fishing time does not start until a half hour before sunrise. The rest of the river starts an hour before sunrise. Also, only hatchery salmon may be kept.

Rogue River Fishing Reports for Springers
Tressa caught her first ever springer on Monday while fishing with guide Steven Theel of S.O. Chrome Guide Service on the Upper Rogue.

Middle Rogue– Most of the springers have been shooting through the middle Rogue with out slowing down much due to warm flows. The best spots have been Rainie Falls and Hayes Falls which slow the salmon down long enough for anglers to target them. Expect fishing to continue to be good at these spots as the bulk of the run has yet to make it’s way upriver.

Lower Rogue– The past week has seen some of the best bites of the year with a few boats finding limits of hatchery springers. The current heat wave may put the fish off the bite for a few days, but more showers are in the forecast for next week. Rogue Bait rigs with an anchovy have still been the top bait, but as the water warms, spinners will start producing as well.


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  1. I really like your site. We, my grandson (12 yrs.), my wife and myself are coming to your fair state to see my daughter and family, grandson #3 (4yrs.) and new granddaughter.

    You seem to have quite a few spots to fish around Ashland. I would really like some info on out of state fishing licensing and costs.

    Fishing tips would be welcome.

    Thanks Mark

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