Rogue River Fishing Report – 7/29

After a short stretch of cooler weather in the Rogue Valley, we are back into the 100’s that have been an almost everyday thing this year. The hot temperatures haven’t affected the fishing much, and has actually improved it on certain stretches. Both salmon and steelhead fishing has been good on either end of the Rogue River the past week.

Upper Rogue– The springer season is starting to wind down on the far upper stretch of the Rogue. Salmon fishing closes Thursday night, and anglers will have to move below Dodge Bridge to continue to chase the biggest fish the Rogue has to offer. Summer steelhead fishing remains open throughout the entire river however. The past week has seen excellent catches of both salmon and steelhead. For salmon most of the action has been taking place in the very upper holes near Casey State Park and the hatchery. The early morning bite has been best with eggs slightly out fishing plugs. Even those tossing eggs from the bank have been catching fish. Steelhead are spread throughout the entire upper river, and have been biting well in both the mornings and evenings. Plugs, spinners, and spoons have been working best as the early run fish are very aggressive, however, a few are also being caught on eggs. As of July 21st 600 summer steelhead and 7,176 springers have returned to the hatchery. Outflows from Lost Creek Dam remain right around 1500cfs.

Spring salmon on the Rogue River
Jeff shows off a nice hatchery spring salmon caught Thursday on the Upper Rogue with guide Steven Theel of S.O. Chrome Guide Service.

Middle Rogue– Fishing has generally been slow on the middle section of the Rogue River. The best fishing has been between Gold Hill and the town of Rogue River. Both salmon and steelhead are present.

Lower Rogue– Fishing for fall salmon slowed a little last week due to the cooler weather in the Valley. The river temperature dropped allowing what fish had stacked up to move upstream. Luckily the 100 degree temperatures have returned and fall salmon are stacking up once again. Most boats are getting 1-3 chances at fish a day and many of those being landed are on the larger size. There have been quite a few mid-30’s salmon weighed in at Jot’s Resort. The go-to method has been trolling Rogue Bait Rigs with an anchovy, with straight spinners also working. Green is the color of choice.

Rogue River Fall Salmon fishing report
This 33.5 pound fall salmon was weighed in Saturday from the Lower Rogue Bay. (Photo By: Jot’s Resort)


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