Rogue River Fishing Report – 8/10

Fishing is starting to pick up for fall salmon throughout the Rogue, while the summer steelhead run is holding on strong. The best fishing is taking place on either end of the river, making it a tough choice on where to head for Rogue Valley anglers.

Upper Rogue– Fishing for summer steelhead remains consistent, although not stellar, for those fishing the Upper Rogue. The river closed above Dodge Bridge as of Aug. 1st for salmon, but remains open for steelhead. Boat anglers are having the best luck side drifting bait and pulling plugs, while those fishing from the bank have been doing best tossing spinners and spoons and fly fishing. Mornings and evenings have been best, especially when temperatures approach 100 degrees. The first shot of fall salmon hit the Upper Rogue as well the past week. Anglers were intercepting big and bright salmon below Dodge Bridge as they shoot up river in search of cooler water. Fishing has slowed a little the past few days, and many of the fish are already starting to get some color. Back bouncing eggs has been best with wrapped KwikFish a close second. Expect a lull in the fall salmon action as we wait for another cool shot of water to draw more fish up out of the bay. Outflows from Lost Creek Dam are projected to start rising on Tuesday to do just that, however, it will take about 2 weeks for the fish to arrive to the upper river. As of Aug. 6th 833 summer steelhead had reached the hatchery.

Fall salmon fishing the Rogue River
A fall salmon caught Wednesday below Dodge Bridge with guide Charlie Steelhead Brown of FishingTheRogue.

Middle Rogue– A few fall salmon have been caught recently with reports coming from both the Gold Hill area and near Robertson Bridge. Most of these fish are shooting through on their way to the upper river, and not providing consistent action. The salmon will start to hold up later in August when outflows increase to cool down the river. A few summer steelhead have been caught also in the Gold Hill area, but fishing remains slow.

Lower Rogue– The action has finally picked up in the Rogue Bay, as the fall salmon are kegged up due to very warm river temperatures up river. Lots of boats are reporting landing 3 fish a day with most boats getting in on the action. The salmon are also very high quality currently with the majority weighing in the mid 20’s to mid 30’s. There have also been reports of several fish over 40 pounds being weighed in the last week. The standard Rogue Bait Rig with an anchovy is the go-to method. Some anglers are also dying their anchovies with Pautzke’s Chartreuse Fire Brine, and straight spinners are also working. Outflows are projected to increase on Tuesday, which means a cool shot of water will be heading downstream to draw all of those fish out of the bay and up river. If the water is cool enough the bite could shut off Wednesday.

Lower Rogue River bay fall salmon fishing
A fall salmon caught in the Lower Rogue Bay with guide Josh Terry of Chasin’ Tails Guide Service.


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    A massive clean-up day is scheduled for Oct. 11th between 8am-noon at Emigrant Lake. The water table level has been in the news lately. One opportunity now that it is so low is to “fish” out much of the trash that in exposed on the basin banks. Gloves and appropriate shoes are recommended for the day.

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