Tiger Trout Coming to Diamond Lake

Tiger Trout
Photo by ODFW

9 years after treating Diamond Lake to eliminate the invasive tui chubs, a single chub was once again found in the lake this past fall. The rotenone treatment in 2006 restored Diamond Lake to the great trout fishery it once was, but that is now in jeopardy due to the explosive population growth that tui chubs have shown to be capable of.

To try and get ahead of the curve, the ODFW is planning on adding tiger trout to the standard stocking plan this June. Tiger trout are a sterile hybrid between brook and brown trout that are known for feeding on smaller fish such as the tui chub. In 2011 the ODFW stocked Fish Lake in Southern Oregon with tiger trout for the same reason.

Along with the tiger trout, the ODFW is hoping to add sterile brown trout to the stockings in 2017. With both the tiger and brown trout being sterile, there will be no risk of the species reproducing in the North Umpqua watershed by escaping through Lake Creek.

As long as funding is secured, Diamond Lake with receive 20,000 three-inch and 5,000 eight-inch tiger trout. ODFW will also be stepping up it’s monitoring plan with increased creal surveys, and hiring additional staff to remove tui chubs via beach seines, electro-fishing, and trap nets.

Once the lake is stocked with the tiger trout, fishing will most likely be catch and release for them to try to protect them and maintain their numbers.

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