Petition to Ban Jet Boats on Upper Rogue

On February 13th the Oregon State Marine Board received a petition to ban boats powered by jet pumps or air propeller on a portion of the Upper Rogue River. The rule would ban their use from Table Rock Rd Bridge near TouVelle State Park (River Mile 131.3) upstream to the barrier dam at Cole Rivers Hatchery (River Mile 155.7), except for emergencies, law enforcement, and emergency training by the Jackson County Sheriff’s department. The petitioners cite multiple reasons including, the maintenance of traditional river uses, limiting river user conflict, assuring public safety, respecting the interest of riverfront landowners, and avoiding conflicts with fish and wildlife. The entire petition can be viewed at:

No matter your position on the petition it’s important to have your voice heard. Written comments can be sent to:

Letter: June LeTarte, Rules Coordinator
435 Commercial St., NE
Salem, OR 97309
Fax: 503-378-4597

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