Free Fishing Days for Oregon – 2017

Free Fishing day OregonAs a way to promote getting outdoors, the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife is offering anglers, and would-be anglers more chances to fish for free in 2017. The first free fishing days in Oregon will happen April 22nd & 23rd, followed by the traditional free fishing weekend on June 3rd & 4th. There will also be free fishing days during Thanksgiving weekend on Nov. 25th & 26th, and again on Dec. 31st & Jan. 1st, 2018. During all of these periods anglers can fish, crab, and clam for free without any licenses, tags, or endorsements. Anglers that already have tags are not required to use them.

While licenses are waived during free fishing days, all other regulations and regular closures still apply.

April Free Fishing Opportunities:

  • Rogue River – Winter steelhead fishing will be in full swing on the Upper Rogue, while the Lower Rogue should be good for springers.
  • Emigrant Lake, Lake Selmac, Willow Lake, & the Expo Pond will all receive legal sized rainbows the week before.
  • Applegate Lake & Lost Creek Lake will both receive large plantings of legal sized rainbows, as well as 800 trophy sized trout.

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  1. Not sure if it is OK to post this here but I think our local fishermen and hunters need to be aware that the LNG pipeline is trying a third time to manifest in our beautiful state of Oregon. This pipeline will cross over 400 bodies of water, including Rogue River and Klamath River and many other bodies of precious water. Plz call your State rep, senetor, congressmen and let them know you don’t want their pipeline in your water or on your land. Thank you.

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